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Tiffany’s just the girl next door, in ragged jeans…till she takes those jeans off and shows off her leopardskin panties! Tiffany’s fascinated with the bulges in the pants of guys on the street. You’ll be bulging too as you watch her slow, horizontal strip when she gets out of her jeans. Tiffany does a seductive strip to expose her boobs and points to her crotch as the area for you to target when you jerk off for her. But what’s YOUR favorite target on this deluxe, delicious girl?

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Sassy young Jenna, panty- and stocking-clad, is a perfect target for your sperm. In her mint-green underwear set, Jenna teases you plenty. “You know you’re my fuckin’ property,” she tells you. “You and your cock. You like this ass?” She shows off her trim, taut ass-cheeks for you, delightfully split by the thong of the panties. Jenna is one hot doll.She is one of the hottest little numbers we have seen–or listened to–in a long time. She wants you to fuck her… or at least get off on her through the screen… and we bet you will… over and over and over

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Blonde McKenzee shows off her ivory bra and undies. She’s seductive, and she poses and shows off as she tells you to stroke it just for her. Will you do as she wants? Will you get off over her? Do you like her ivory underwear… and what’s in it?  McKenzee wants you in her. And if she can’t really have that… well, she’s got a good imagination. Also a busy set of fingers that play with her pussy beneath her panties and also stroke her supple tits. Jerk off along with her. You know she wants it. And you know you want it too.

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When Renee replaces her serious, determined look (she’s determined to get your load) with her sly smile, watch out! Pretty Renee lets you have an upskirt peek at her panties (blue satin) before she strips off her sweater to let you goggle at her goodies. Her peek-a-boo pose after she shyly strips off her bra is delectable, the upshoot view of her skirtless but pantied crotch will grow your horns, and her casual slouched pose will have you lunging for your computer screen.

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In lacy pink panties and a matching pink bra, and with white lace-topped stockings, Jenna may well be the girlfriend of your dreams. Wet dreams, that is. “You know I’m your perfect woman, your perfect fantasy girl,” says Jenna. She certainly is if your fantasy girl is a sweet-looking but filthy-mouthed slut who won’t let you touch her but insists you watch DVDs and jerk off your “little dick” if you want satisfaction. In a hot upshoot, Jenna talks about teasing you, then says she loves dressing up for you. But it’s clear that what she loves most is turning you on and leaving you to your own devices to get off. It’s something you can do easily when you have this pink princess as your hot inspiration.

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Erika’s sporting a huge smile. She must be thinking about the loads you’re about to blow off in her honor? How many will you pay tribute to her with? Those white cotton socks are killer. Erika says she just got out of the shower, and she feels clean. That may be, but her mind is dirty. Only dirty gurlz want men to jack off all over them like Erika’s asking you to do. And you’ll oblige her… won’t you? Erika says she loves to tease but she also loves to please. However, she wants YOU to please HER as well. Calling you a naughty boy, she asks if you have any cum left for her. How many loads have you shot already? How many more can this potent piiece of pussy prong out of you?

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Aimee has hot underwear… and a hot bod to go with them. And a hot disposition. She’s especially disposed to getting you off. Aimee’s not the innocent type. In her wicked black underwear and stockings, she’s totally devoted to turning you on, and she shows off her feet to help accomplish that purpose. “Knowing you’ve already come three times for me really turns me on. You’re really pumping away, aren’t you? You know what I want you to do next? I want you to come right on my red panties.”

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In sporty plaid bikinis and white knee-high cotton socks, Heather will appeal to your fantasies and tug at your rampant dick. This coy tease is determmined to siphone a few loads from your balls. She’s off to a good start with that tiny fringe of a skirt that covers exactly nothing and bares her buns, cleft by bikini panties and delectably jiggly for your enjoyment. Heather gives you instructions in how she wants you to jerk off, then rolls over onto her tummy and raises her legs so your view of her buns is framed by her feet in white cotton socks in the foreground. Clearly she’s aiming at foot-worshippers, and if you’re one, you’ll find plenty to get horny over.

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One of our most popular models ever! Dolly, the sweet looking nasty talking cock tease stars in her best panty video of all time. Dolly talks to you in her school uniform as she smokes a cigarette and gives you peeks of her white silk bikini panties coaxing you to jack off for her. A slow strip down to her white bra and panties as she stands over you telling you how she’s going to make you come stripping slowly to nude and rubbing her sweet snatch.
Dolly may be dressed in a schoolgirl outfit — at least, till she strips down to her underwear and then to nothing at all — but she’s not so innocent as she seems. She’s smoking a cigarette, but we’re sure you’d rather see her sucking on something else! She takes off her strappy flats so she can better see her feet, encased in tights as white as her satin panties. Do you like her feet? Do you want to jack off over them? “I know you want to see my panties. So I’m going to show you those last. Do you like my white tights? Or do you just want to get off on me?”