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Sexy Girls Pantyhose Fetish, Prinzzess is a real cocktease

Blonde Prinzzess in her white satin underwear and thigh-high socks is a girlie-girl all the way… but while she’s a “Prinzzess,” she’s no angel! She asks you, “Are you stroking your cock? Are you getting it nice and hard for me, baby? Make sure you don’t come yet! Would you like to see my ass? But don’t come yet!” Prinzzess is a real cocktease! But she delivers… in the “end.” You’ll get your rocks off with her in a big way. And we do mean “big.” How swollen can your cock get before it explodes? You’ll find out with Prinzzess. Just rememer–she wants you to wait and hold back!

Sexy Girls Pantyhose Fetish, Capri Anderson

She’s your basic teenager in jeans… in red fuzzy socks… in various pairs of colorful panties. And she’s hot for YOU.  Lean, with straight hair and a boyish figure matched with a cute face and a sunny smile, Capri might be your ideal for a teenage girlfriend. She’s a bit of a tease, though… she tells you you can come only when she tells you to. Are you really gonna wait till she lets you? C’mon… you’re a man. You can come whenever you want to, right?  Capri offers you her petite titties as a resting place for your cock. Assuming you’ve come once already, she asks if you can get it up again. Can you?

Sexy Girls Pantyhose Fetish: Addison Rose PA 1

In red tights and red panties, Addison is red-hot. And so will you be as you watch her provocative antics. Red on a traffic sign means “STOP” but with Addison in an all-red outfit like this, all the signs say “GO.” Her gyrations and poses as she struts for you will have you not just going but coming. Over and over.  “You wanna be alone with me?” asks Addison, shaking her booty and luring you into her lair. Her red leggings are very arresting, but your heart won’t be stopped… it’ll be pumping faster than ever. And your fist will be pumping fast, too, on your dick. Go on. Jerk off over Addison. You know it’s what she’s waiting for.

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Sexy Girls Pantyhose Fetish, Celeste Star

Red thigh-highs and black panties make a striking combination on this dark-haired vixen. “Look but don’t touch. No touching. No touching!” singsongs Celeste as she shows off her buns and allows you to drool over the sight. Well, you can’t touch her, but you can certainly touch your cock. She takes off her black bikinis, hands them to you, and puts on a pair of boy’s white briefs. She even looks cute in those! But you’d rather see her naked, wouldn’t you? Well, you’ll have a chance at that too.

Sexy Girls Pantyhose Fetish, Penny Flame

Dolly wears cute white shorts while holding a handful of panties that she’s about to model for you. She keeps you guessing on what panties she’s currently wearing while teasing you. From pink to orange bikini’s she pumps her fist onto her crotch as she then follows up with yellow the white full coverage.
Dolly models a variety of panties for you. In her tight white shorts, Dolly admits she wants to tease you–but she also wants to please you, and she’ll do her best. Especially when she loses the shorts and exposes her  After getting naked, Dolly puts her panties back on again in hopes that will entice you to come all over her. She urges you to jack off in tribute to her. And you will! Trust us. You will.

Sexy Girls Pantyhose Fetish, Tiffany Brookes

Demanding Tiffany, in her lilac undies and matching other lingerie, is nobody to mess with. Do as she wants! And that includes coming off over her! “I bet your dick is huge!” says Tiffany as she flashes you glimpses of her pussy. Her underwear sports two non-functional buttons. If you unbuttoned them, could you get right into her cunny? No? Then you’d better just jack off to the sight of her. Which is not tough to do. She’s quite an inspiration to the hard-cock brigade! Go for it! “This is your last chance to come for me in my sexy lingerie,” says Tiffany. Ah… but what about a chance to come for her when she’s totally NAKED? We know you don’t want to miss the chance either way. Go for it! Jack off to this beauty’s charms in any condition. We know what condition you’re in! Get over it. Get of. Sperm her. Now!

Sexy Girls Pantyhose Fetish, Aimee Addison 2

All-American Aimee has a big smile on her face. She must be thinking how delicious your load would be. Check out the panties and the demure hairstyle! Aimee makes fun of you, teases you for coming quickly, coming in your pants, and still being the little boy you used to be. But we bet your dick is plenty big…over Aimee! Aimee wants you hard. She also wants you on the floor, groveling, wanting to fuck her, grabbing your dick, stroking it faster…. She’s very demanding, and she tells you EXACTLY what she wants in no uncertain terms. And you WILL do what Aimee wants!

Sexy Girls Pantyhose Fetish, Risi Simms

White underwear looks innocent…but Risi sure isn’t! Sultry Risi has an Attitude, but she’s sure you want to jack off to her, and she is going to help…though that’s all you’re going to get off her. So take your cock in hand, start stroking, and prepare to lose your load. Risi wants to know if you’re fucking your hand over her. She’s got white panties on and is pulling and tugging at them to turn you on. She strips them off, and you get a good look at her goodies. Wouuldn’t you like to gobble them? You’ll have to settle for a handjob of your own. But you can use your imagination!

Sexy Girls Pantyhose Fetish, Asian Emy

Cocoa cutie Emy in her cotton socks and cotton Calvin bikinis is out to make you cream for her. In her high, little-girl voice, Emy urges you to stroke off and give up your load for her. And you will. She’ll have you coming in no time over her sweet young body. Emy pouts as she points to her butt-crack, telling you that’s where she wants you to shoot your load. Her cupcake breasts will entrance you. This young but wicked girl has an innocent voice but a face that doesn’t match. She’ll have you shooting off not once but multiple times. She’s a potent pecker puller.