The Release Police: Lexi Controls ur Orgasms, Clip

Worship my feet slave, Lexi is in control

The Release Police: Lexi Controls ur Orgasms (HD)

u have to wait & hold it for 10 minutes or so, then She counts down 10 seconds…so slowly you wanna explode. 18 year-old Lexi controls your orgasms & not by your choice. Even if you’re not into being told when to cum, when not to cum, to wait to cum….you’re bound to obey because when the camera moves in on Her lips only & you see them move when She speaks & you look into Her Goddess eyes, obeying is the only option. This is one of the heaviest, most mind-altering clips posted in this store, with hints of brainwashing & hypnosis. If you find yourself paying Girls ridiculous amounts of money to do easy things like makig you smell Their feet & telling you when you can & cannot cum, this is for you. Princess Lexi tells you you pay VERY well & that pleases Her. She reminds you that you’re a loser for paying Girls like Her to control you life & reminds you that you’re a perv. This Girl can really brainwash so download with caution. The waiting period to release will seem like ages especally when She starts Her slow, sexy countdown, but…you’ll get there…the build-up is torture but it’s for Her & well worth it…

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