Cute College Girl Feet Shouldn’t Be Dirty

Alyssa is a 21 year-old college student

Cute College Girl Feet Shouldn't Be Dirty

& model who bosses everyone around from Her photographers to Her boyfriends to losers who pay Her money to take Her out to dinner, worship Her feet, etc. Princess Alyssa gets so bossy that i ask Her friend Angie (filming this all) where She found Alyssa, that i did indeed request a dominant Girl to film, but i wasn’t expecting Her to be so abrasive & bossy. She flipped out & smacked me in the face w/Her foot. This wasn’t acting either, i was seriously irritated for that moment then realized my place to Her. Angie just kept filming & laughing all the while. Princess Alyssa got so angry She wiped Her foot on a dirty patio table then made me lick it (see foot-bottom pic). Sorry Princess, i’ll get right to work on cleaning those for You. You shouldn’t have to sunbathe with sand between Your toes & dirt on Your beautiful soles.

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